14 ct Gold Earrings with Large Diamonds - Classic 0,60ct


Gold earrings with diamonds. Earrings were created by hand from the highest quality shining gold sample 585 and decorated with two natural diamonds with a total weight of 0.60ct. The unique pattern exposes the sublime character of the earrings.
The subtle pattern will look very elegant and noble with every creation. Its shape is universal, and thanks to its unique design it is suitable for evening outings as well as for everyday use.

Precious stones in brilliant cut of very good purity and white Si / H form a harmonious combination with sapphire and polished gold. You can make earrings of yellow or white gold.

Earrings look stylish and effective.

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Mass: 1,30 - 1,40

Stone: Diamond

The type of the fastener: Pin

The size of the stones: 0,60

Purity and Color of Diamond: SI/H

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